Dabiq: the role of DAESH’s jihadist manifesto in the violent radicalization process

Adina-Elena DRĂGOI


The threat posed by the jihadist group, Daesh, is not just a military one, but more importantly an ideological one. Deciphering Dabiq- Daesh`s programmatic manifesto, understanding the jihadist group ideological worldview and the alternative values it promotes, can help comprehend the attractiveness of the terrorist group and contribute to countering the violent Islamist radicalization phenomenon of young Europeans through the creation of an effective counter-narrative. This paper analyses the writings in Dabiq, presenting the terrorist group`s main narratives: the religious and socio-psychological dimensions of the jihadist rhetoric. A great accent will be placed on exposing Daesh`s tactics of deconstructing and redefining the cognitive frameworks of young vulnerable, disenchanted and frustrated individuals at times of personal crisis, when they are searching for an identity, for approval and validation, for meaning and purpose, or just for adventure and excitement.


  • Dabiq
  • Daesh
  • Jihadist propaganda
  • Violent radicalization
  • Counter-narrative
  • Identity crisis
  • Significance quest

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