Submission guidelines


The Romanian Journal of Society and Politics welcomes high-quality publishable research papers and book reviews that pertain to Political Science, Political Theory, International Relations and European Studies domains. Please read and follow the rules below as strictly as possible, as doing so will guarantee that your manuscript meets the standards of the journal. Please note that the Romanian Journal of Society and Politics does not charge any fees for publication.

Manuscripts will be accepted on the understanding that their content is original. The Romanian Journal of Society and Politics does not take into consideration submissions that are currently under review at other journals or those that replicate or overlap significantly with materials that have been submitted to other publishers. 

The Romanian Journal of Society and Politics is a refereed journal. The manuscripts are first examined by the editors, and only those papers that appear to match the journal's requirements and fit within its purpose and scope are sent out for double blind peer-review. For the peer-review process to begin, full manuscripts submitted upon first acceptance to publishing should be fully and correctly prepared according to the current criteria.


The Romanian Journal of Society and Politics accepts only submissions received electronically, in MS Word, clearly marked with Submission to RJSP and e-mailed as an attachment to that contains:

  1. A completely anonymized manuscript (including title, a no more than 250 words  abstract, and between 5 and 10 keywords), which should not contain any information identifying the author
  2. A title page with the further information - the complete title of the manuscript; the names, full professional titles and full (professional) affiliation of all author(s), contact details, link to their institution(s) or research website(s), a short biographical paragraph (max. 200 words) describing each author, and, optionally, research interests or recent publications, as well as any acknowledgments the author/s might wish to extend.
Style Guidelines 

Word limit

The Romanian Journal of Society and Politics welcomes articles of a maximum of 10,000 words and book reviews of a maximum of 1,500 words (all-inclusive, except the separate page with author's description) written in an engaging style directed towards a well-informed audience. 

Formatting Guidelines

  • Text: Times New Roman, size 12 , line spacing – 1.5
  • Margins (top, bottom, left, right): 2.5 cm
  • Footnotes (numbered throughout): Times New Roman, size 10
  • Article title: Times New Roman, size 16
  • Article subtitle: Times New Roman, size 14

Citation Style / References

The Romanian Journal of Society and Politics uses the Harvard Referencing System or “Author-date Referencing” and does not require a Bibliography or Reference List. All citations and all references should be included in the text of the manuscript. 

Please see here an extensive Harvard Referencing Guide.

Please see here a comprehensive list of in-text and reference examples for various types of materials (for Books & eBooks, Journal Articles, Internet/Websites, Cases and Legislation, Company Information, Conference Papers & Proceedings, Newspapers, Multimedia, Standards & Patents, CMO, Lecture Notes, Theses, Tables and figures, Personal communication and Citing information someone else has cited).


  • United Kingdom spelling style should be used consistently throughout the manuscript. This excludes proper names, e.g. the names of US organizations where the spelling should be retained. Thus, for example ‘defence’ (UK spelling) is the preferred form, but ‘US Department of Defense’ (in its original, US spelling);
  •  ‘First World War’ not ‘World War I’, and ‘Second World War’ not ‘World War II’;
  • Dates (including ‘last visited/accessed’ references) to be written as ‘1 January 2000’, not ‘January 1, 2000’ or other formats;
  • ‘nineteenth century’, not ’19thcentury’ or ‘XIX century’;
  • Spellings in quoted texts should not be altered; 
  • Imported foreign terms and/or expressions in Latin should be in Italic where appropriate;
  • Established acronyms (e.g. NATO, EU, FBI) need little explanation, but authors should refrain from using acronyms where these are not widely established or remain limited for inside use. When the use of an acronym is necessary, please spell out in full on first use followed by acronym in parentheses, e.g. Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA);
  • USA and US (not U.S.A. and U.S.); USSR (not U.S.S.R.); and UK (not U.K.).


For any questions or concerns, please e-mail us at