Advisory Board

Anneli Ute GABANYI, (Political Science, Berlin)

Stephen HOLMES (Political Science/ Law, NYU and Princeton)

Charles KING (Political Science, Georgetown University)

Gail KLIGMAN (Sociology, UCLA)

Ronald LINDEN (Political Science/ International relations, University of Pittsburgh)

Irina LIVEZEANU (History, University of Pittsburgh)

Mihaela MIROIU (Political Science, SNSPA)

Cristian PÎRVULESCU (Political Science, SNSPA)

Vasile PUŞCAŞ (International Relations, Babeş-Bolyai University)

Edwin REKOSH (Human Rights and Comparative Law, Columbia University)

Jerel ROSATI (U.S. Foreign Policy, University of South Carolina)

Hillel STEINER (Political Theory, University of Manchester)

Peter VOLTEN (International Relations/ Security Studies, University of Groningen)