RJSP | Vol 10 No.1 March 2015

The Romanian Journal of Society and Politics

Vol.10 | No. 1 | March 2015

Editorial Note


Maria Bucur - Being There. An Autobiographical Perspective on the 1989 Revolution in Romania


Mihai Stelian Rusu - Battling Over Romanian Red Past. The Memory of Communism Between Elitist Cultural Trauma and Popular Collective Nostalgia Download
Roxana Marin - The Dynamics of Revolution in 1989: Conceptual Changes Download
Tibor Toro - Minority Elites and Political Representation in Romania After 1989. The Self-Organization of the Hungarians at the Local Level. A Case Study Download
Oana Crusmac - Why Gender Mainstreaming is not Enough? A Critique to Sylvia Walby's the Future of Feminism Download
Toma Burean and Raluca Popp - The Ideological Mapping of  Political Parties in Romania Download