RJSP Vol.11 | No.1 | June 2016

The Romanian Journal of Society and Politics

Vol.11 | No. 1 | June 2016

Editorial Note


Frank A. Abumere - The combinatorial use of statism and cosmopolitanism in theories of global justice


Viorel Proteasa - Prescription regarding Hirsch's index: a distribution analysis in medicine schools in Romania Download
Valentin Stoian - Justice in education: Evaluating the Satz-Anderson Response Download
Justina Tomczyk - What does it mean to be a female citizen in Poland? Civil activity of women in the Province of Silesia in the perspective o Download

Book Reviews

Andrei Miroiu - The Cartographic State. Maps, Territory and the Origins of Sovereignty by Jordan Branch


Tom Parr - Justice, Care, and the Welfare State by Daniel Engster Download

Special Section on European Politics

Interview with Simon Hix