Vol.6 | No. 1 | June 2011

The Romanian Journal of Society and Politics

Vol.6 | No. 1 | June 2011

Editorial Note


Luana Maria Bidașcă - Truth or dare: Online deliberation. A case study of two internet based deliberative platforms


Bogdan George Bătrân - Analyzing the potential of YouTube to facilitate Grass-root political communication: A Three step approach Download
Irina Macsinga, Andreea Semenescu - Self-Esteem and Personality Type in Politically Engaged People: A Pilot Study Download
Petar Kurecic - The Key Aspects of Neoconservative Influence on the U.S. Foreign and Defense Policy During the first G.W. Bush Administration Download

Book Reviews

Oana Popa - Vasile Pușcaș, Managing Global Interdependencies Download
Alina Brihan - Liviu Mihăileanu and Aurelian Horja, The Regulation of the Lobbying Activity. In the Antechamber of Influence Download
Brîndușa Palade - Peter Herriot, Religious Fundamentalism: Global, Local, and Personal Download
Simona Hobincu - Martha Crenshaw, The Consequences of Counterterrorism Download