RJSP | Vol 10 No.2 December 2015

The Romanian Journal of Society and Politics

Vol.10 | No. 2 | December 2015

Editorial Note


Jeffrey C. Isaac - The Parochialism of the Universal, or Beware of American Political Scientists Bearing Gifts


Gabriel-Alexandru Vîiu - Quality-related Funding in Romanian Higher Education Throughout 2003 - 2011: A Global Assessment Download
Andrzej Fafara and Agata Kleczkowska - How to Attain the Golden Age - The Role of the Balcerowicz Plan in the Successful Transformation of Poland in the 1990s Download
Arpad Todor - Romania's Social Protection Programs Reform During the Economic Crisis Download
Adelin Dumitru - Whither Development? The Effects of the Eurasian Union on the Central Asian Republics Download
Elena Trifan - Coaching and Personal Development: The Construction of the Self in a Community of Practice in Bucharest Download

Special Section on Romanian Foreign Affairs

Liliana Popescu - Introductory Note


Bogdan Aurescu - Romania and Security Challenges at the Limts of the European and Euro-Atlantic Area. Risks,Opportunities and Diplomatic Action Download