Current Issue

The Romanian Journal of Society and Politics

Vol.11 | No. 2 | December 2016

Editorial Note


Speranța Dumitru - "Care Drain". Explaining Bias in Theorizing Women's Migration


Luiza-Maria Filimon - From the Dog Whistle to the Dog Scream: The Republican Party's (Ab)Use of Discriminatory speech in Electoral Campaigns and Party Politics Download
Oana Crușmac and Isabel Kohler - Gender Mainstreaming and Work-Family Reconciliation. An Analysis of Family Policies in Romania and Germany Download
Valentin Naumescu - The "New Eastern Europe": Between the Deepening Crisis of the European Union and the Growing Tensions with Russia Download

Book Reviews

Bogdan Florian - Higher Education and the Palestinian Minority in Israel by Khalid Arar and Kussai Haj-Yehia, Palgrave Macmillan (US), 2016